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At the very core of DOSA is a passion for the rich diversity of Indian cuisine and culture!


Husband-wife team, Anjan and Emily Mitra, owners of DOSA, share a passion for the rich diversity of Indian cuisine and culture, which defines the experience they’ve created at their restaurants.  DOSA is a renowned, San Francisco dining institution with two locations in San Francisco and one in Oakland, serving innovative and authentic South Indian cuisine with a world-class spice-driven cocktail program, and well thought out wine list paired for Indian flavors. 

Since being founded in 2005 in the vibrant and historical Mission district,  the Michelin Guide has recognized our passion, and consistent dedication to quality and innovation by awarding DOSA with the Bib Gourmand eleven times!  

DOSA has led the culinary landscape in San Francisco by defining trends, taking risks and being the first of many...

  • the first South Indian restaurant in San Francisco

  • the first and only Indian restaurant to source locally grown, organic and seasonal ingredients from our farmer's markets in San Francisco

  • the first Indian restaurant with a modern sensibility and vibe (no, we don't do buffets! :-) ) 

  • the first San Francisco bar program that deftly incorporated spices and was initially crafted by the brilliant Jonny Raglin from The Absinthe Group

  • the first San Francisco bar in 2008 with a focus on gin, also under the guidance of Jonny Raglin, long before gin became the rage it is today among the new generation of talented bartenders

  • the first wine list specifically designed for Indian cuisine (including our very own private label, Sujata, from locally-sourced Northern California grapes), which was launched with the guidance of an emerging talent, Mark Bright, who is now the Wine Director and Founder of the 3-Michelin star Saison

  • the first eco-friendly build out, at our Fillmore location, including solar panels on our roof

  • the first restaurant to use non-GMO oils

  • the first chef-driven counter-service (not fast-casual :-) ) Indian restaurant in Oakland called dosa by DOSA

  • the first all-day bar in Oakland designed not just for day drinking :-), but with a comprehensive non-alcoholic list of beverages 

  • the first Indian restaurant with a delicious selection of breakfast options in the East Bay

Emily and Anjan began with a vision of introducing dosas and other regional dishes from Southern India, which include the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Karnataka and Goa.  These dishes are prepared with care and integrity using traditional recipes, techniques and spices from India, while sourcing fresh, healthy and high-quality ingredients from local markets.   We have a wonderful team of South Indian chefs, led by Executive Chef, Arun Gupta who elevate home recipes from their families. 

DOSA always has been, and will keep evolving over the years much like the cuisine and restaurants have in India, especially in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai (formerly Bombay), Delhi, Goa,  Thiruvanthapuram (or Trivandrum), Kochi and other urban hubs that define their respective regions.   

After having won the battle for the stamp of authenticity over the years (which is very personal and not easy to define), we are now comfortable taking chances exploring hyper-regional and obscure dishes from India that we love, but are unfamiliar to most people in the West.    DOSA might not be what you are traditionally used to in the U.S. but it respects traditional recipes, techniques and spices from India.   We are excited to help you explore this richly diverse cuisine that varies from region-to-region, city-to-city, and frequently from household-to-household! 

There is an area on our menu where we tap into the wonderful bounty of Northern California, namely salads and vegetables prepared with seasonal organic produce from local farms.   Generally speaking, while Indians have the most amazing vegetarian dishes there is not a long history of eating salads!   At DOSA we generally have a few delicious options for salads and vegetable small-plates  that utilize seasonal, organic produce with a touch of Indian masalas (spices). 

Be our guest for a meal and a beverage!  We could start you off with a refreshing spice-driven cocktail to open up your palate, guide you through the many delicious, bold and healthy choices on our menu,  and then end your meal with our excellent selection of Indian-inspired desserts paired with a glass of wine, or a cup of masala chai! 

Executive Chef Arun Gupta w/ founders Anjan & Emily Mitra

Executive Chef Arun Gupta w/ founders Anjan & Emily Mitra


dosa by DOSA: chef-driven, experiential and flexible, with an all-day bar and an accessible price point


We opened our new location in uptown Oakland called dosa by DOSA in December 2017.   The City of Oakland claims that its "diverse population, hip arts scene, Mediterranean climate, world-class attractions, abundant parks and open spaces, vibrant waterfront and lakefront, historic architecture, palate-tempting restaurants, bustling nightlife, action-packed pro sports and varied recreation options make for an exciting destination".  We couldn't agree more! :-)

At dosa by DOSA we wanted to give our guests the flexibility of defining their own experience!  You walk-in (we don't take reservations), order at the bar, grab a table or a bar stool, we will deliver the food and beverages to you as soon as they are prepared, and you can hang out for as long or as little as you want!

Whether you are on a date with your spouse (or a hopeful prospect from a dating app), on a business lunch, catching up with a group of friends, with your entire family, or grabbing some dinner to-go,  dosa by DOSA lets you determine your own adventure with us!  We have an all-day bar where you can grab some freshly squeezed sugarcane juice, hot house-made masala chai, an espresso drink, one of our delicious spice-driven cocktails (alcoholic or not), a glass of wine or a beer.   We have sidewalk seating that will let you enjoy the wonderful warm climate, and the colorful denizens of Oakland passing by.   

Saundra O'Day, GM at dosa by DOSA, Oakland w/ Emily Mitra