Anjan Mitra

Ever since he left Bombay (now Mumbai) at the age of 18 to study in the U.S., Anjan has always sought to recreate the wonderfully aromatic and complex flavors of his mother’s cooking.  He spent the first 19 years of his career working in high-tech.   Realizing his true passion lied in food, cocktails and wine, he pursued a new entrepreneurial path as a restaurateur with a cuisine that he believed was under-represented in the U.S.

Anjan has had varied culinary influences.   He grew up in Bombay, which has the most cultural and culinary diversity in India, with people from all over country and expats from all over the world.   Anjan's mother grew in Delhi in the North, his father, who was of Indian descent, grew up in the multi-cultural Singapore and most of his extended family live in Kolkata, in the east of India.   With his father being a pilot, it was easy for Anjan to travelat an early age and experience places not only around India, but also around the globe. 

Anjan is the co-owner with his wife Emily, and until recently led the overall culinary direction of the menu as the Executive Chef along with his talented team of South Indian Chefs.   Dishes on the menu are inspired by recipes from Anjan’s family, as well as the families of their team of chefs.They brought on Arun Gupta to recently fill that role of Executive Chef for both locations in San Francisco.  

When Anjan is not at either restaurant locations, on the line prepping or plating during service, he can be found biking many of the Bay Area trails, spending time with his two daughters and traveling. He and his wife reside in San Francisco with their two daughters who are now natives of this wonderful City.  




A native to upstate New York, Emily’s experience with Indian cuisine broadened quickly upon meeting Anjan Mitra in San Francisco in the late 90’s and through their travel and culinary adventures throughout India. Inspired by the flavors and complexity of the food from Southern India, Emily saw an opportunity to represent the unique qualities of South Indian food in the West through the use of key ingredients combined with her more urban perspective with regards to ambiance, plating and beverage pairings. By December 2005 Emily and Anjan brought their vision to life opening DOSA on Valencia, a 50- seat restaurant on a small, vibrant corner in the heart of the Mission District.

With great momentum and enthusiasm to expand their menu and the offerings, the Mitras opened their second location in November of 2008, DOSA on Fillmore, with a completely green build out. In 2014, Emily and Anjan expanded their business yet again opening Dosateria, an Indian “fast casual” concept featuring healthy food at a lower fare and accessible to a broad, mainstream audience. Currently Dosateria is in partnership with Whole Foods having opened a location inside their flagship store in Cupertino.

Most recently in December 2017, Emily and Anjan opened their first fine casual concept, dosa by DOSA, in Uptown, Oakland which Emily enthusiastically refers to as "everything you love about DOSA, but at the speed you want it." The dosa by DOSA brand is also behind the Mitra's fast growing, fresh ready-to-eat retail product line featuring curry bowls, street wraps, protein-rich salads, samosa and lassi. Currently, dosa by DOSA products can be found in the nation's most acclaimed retailers including Whole Foods Northern California and Reno, Napa Farms and Good Eggs.

Emily is an active member of her community as a mother and businesswoman. In addition to running restaurants and expanding their retail product line, Emily built and helps operate DOSA Catering, a full- service catering company and serves as President of Japantown Center Garage Corporation and a Board Director for The Kitchen.


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